Learn Kiswahili at Ngerenger River Eco Camp


We offer a workshop where you can learn basic Kiswahili for your stay in Tanzania. The intention of conducting a Kiswahili language course is that our guests are able to interact with locals. A common language enables a genuine exchange between the locals and the guests.
And by the way, knowing Kiswahili is quite useful since it´s one of the most spoken African languages used in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and parts of Congo and Uganda.



We have two professional and experienced Kiswahili teachers who prepare the lessons at our Ngerengere River Eco Camp. Pascal was a Kiswahili teacher at Bwawani Secondary School before he retired. He will assist you with his expertise and patience. Nese is a professional Kiswahili teacher as well. She is still young and enthusiastic about teaching her native language.



The basic Kiswahili language course can be booked for one day up to one week. This course is tailored to the needs of those guests that stay for a shorter time at our Eco Camp. The participants learn how to greet people of different ages, to introduce themselves to others, to explain their basic needs and to ask and answer basic questions. In this course the teachers focus on conversational Kiswahili.       

The intensive Kiswahili language course normally takes three to four weeks, but the duration can also be adjusted according to the participant´s wishes and time. This course is interesting especially for long-term volunteers as well as foreigners working in East African countries. The participants learn to talk with locals about their day, work, home and family. Additionally, they can interact with the students and teachers at our Happy Bricks Primary School. In this course the teachers focus on communicating in day to day life but some grammatical structures are included as well.



The course is usually held from Monday to Friday for four hours per day. It can take place either from 9am to 1pm or from 3pm to 7pm. The time can be adjusted every day so that you still have half the day for other activities in our Eco Camp or enjoy the natural environment.  


The lessons take place at our Eco Camp but the participants also move around and practice talking directly with people in Kiswahili. All materials are available at Eco Camp and it is also possible to buy further materials in case you want to continue learning the language at home. The course is held in English.



The costs of the courses depend on the number of participants and on the duration.


Fees for 1 participant:

Basic Kiswahili language course per day: USD 30             
Intensive Kiswahili language course per day: USD 25


Fees for 2-3 participants:

Basic Kiswahili language course per day, per person: USD 20    
Intensive Kiswahili language course per day, per person: USD 15


Fees for 4-5 participants:

Basic Kiswahili language course per day, per person: USD 15    
Intensive Kiswahili language course per day, per person: USD 10