Sustainable charcoal production (completed project)

Firewood and charcoal are the main sources of energy for households in Tanzania. The sustainable charcoal project aims to promoting a sustainable charcoal production system to reduce pressure from natural forests. Additionally the chorcoal production can become a source of constant income.

We established three tree nurseries with new improved technology of the Half Organge Brick Kiln (HOBK) on about 500 hectares of land. The traditional earth kilns have a rate of recovery of 10-12 per cent. The HOBK is more efficient with a recovery of 25-35 per cent. The wood is supplied by tree nurseries of about 70,000 seddlings, mainly ACACIA species.


The charcoal group consists of 20 people working three days per week and producing an average of 4,000 kg of charcoal per month. The problems that we are currently facing are the distance to the nearest water borehole which is needed for the carbonization process.

In addition, fires and cattle grazing complecate the maintenance of the tree nurseries.


This project became possible due to the partnership with several organizations, such as Rural Livelihood Development Company, Energy for Sustainable Development in Africa, Morogoro Environmental Conservation Group and Wildlife Management Area of Wami Mbiki.