Training with science teachers

This project officially started in September 2019, after a long period of joint preparations with our partner SeedScience. The SeedScience project consists of a group of teachers from Italy whose vision is to share their passion for science education with other science teachers in four African countries. In Tanzania, our Eco Camp is the only partner for this remarkable project and we are happy that ten teachers from primary and secondary schools in the Pwani and Morogoro area are excited to participate in the science project at Eco Camp. The training will last ten weeks and intends to improve theoretical and practical means to perform hands-on experiments at the schools. The materials used for the experiments should be locally available. The Tanzanian and Italian teachers will focus on environmental topics relevant to the Pwani and Morogoro area, for example deforestation.

This training is just the start of a long-term project, which will later involve a growing number of teachers and students. Additionally, the schools which participate can receive science kits. The project is funded by the National Geographic Society. We are excited to witness the exchange of knowledge between the teachers and how they will implement new methods in their respective lessons. We hope that this project will sparke the students´ interest in science and therefore enhance their problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and environmental awareness. In the long-term this will benefit the students themselves but also their respective communities.