Safe and clean water in Lukwambe

We realized that many of Lukwambe´s villagers are facing serious health problems. They drink untreated and unsafe water and do not have easy access to basic health services, as the nearest hospital is located in Bwawani, 17km away. We have discovered that most people do not boil the water before drinking, instead they use untreated water straight from the river. Many locals suffer from Typhoid, Cholera, amoebic dysentery and worms which can be caused also by using unsafe water.


To combat this situation, we started a project called "Safe Clean Water and Basic Health Services" in 2016. Every week we walked to all households in Lukwambe to supply water tablets for at least 20 liters per day. We encouraged community members to boil the water before drinking and thereby contributed to an improved health situation in Lukwambe.