Breakfast and lunch for all students (completed project)

For a whole school year we offered breakfast and lunch for all students at our Happy Bricks Primary School!

Our organization planned the project together with the students, their parents, teachers and local leaders. In our meetings we agreed on the following:
1. All parents contributed 20kg of maize.
2. Ngerengere River Eco Camp bought all cooking materials (plates, cups, spoons, pots etc.).

3. Other cooking ingredients as well as the school attendant´s salary were covered every month by donations from Eco Camp supporters.


First of all, no child can study well if s/he is hungry, and many students do not get breakfast before school. These two meals provided the students with more energy and healthier nutrition. We believe that it makes the students come to class more regulary.



The pilot project started in October 2017 and lasted until July 2018. The project finished due to lack of regular donations.



The breakfast consisted of hot porridge which is the typical Tanzanian food for children. For lunch the students were served Ugali (local food made out of maize flour) with beans and green vegetables.


For this project we recruited Getrude as a school attendant. She is a professional teacher and a very motivated woman. Getrude cooked meals, cleaned the school area and supervised the children before the teachers arrived and brought order to the school. Twice a week Getrude gave extra tuition in the afternoon. We are very happy to have found the perfect person for this job!



If we are offered regulary funds for at least some months, we might relaunch this project. To prepare two meals for all students every day, we need TZS 855,000 (~ EUR 326, USD 370) each month. If you are considering donating, we are happy to provide further information upon request.