Our Happy Bricks Primary School

Our organization built the Happy Bricks Primary School in 2015 to provide 135 children from Lukwambe village with education. Before, going to school meant walking about 17 km to the nearest school. Due to the immense distance most children could not attend school at all. Well, that´s past now!
With the happy help of the Happy Bricks Foundation in the UK we built the first primary school in Lukwambe, consisting of three class rooms, toilets, since 2017 a school kitchen and since 2019 a house for teachers. Currently three govermental teachers work at our school.

In addition to the regular curriculum our school is keen to spread ecological awareness and teach more about nature´s conservation. An example is planting trees and conveying their importance for all life.


We achieved a lot already, but in order to comply with governmental educational guidelines, further work is required. We need to add four class rooms, seperated toilets for students and teachers as well as a staff room. Additionally each class should be provided with their own teacher.