Our partners

Ngerengere River Eco Camp could not be successful without the essential support of other NGOs and companies. Our most sincere appreciation and gratitude to all for helping us deliver resources and hope, as well as new networks.


Ngerengere River Eco Camp is part of the Omprakash network since many years now.
They support grassroots social projects around the world. Omprakash is a free network that connects volunteers and donors with over 100 partner projects in more than 30 countries. In 2018 two team members from Ngerengere River Eco Camp participated in the Omprakash Partner Conference in Accra, Ghana.

Volunteer Vacations Brazil

Volunteer Vacations provides volunteer experiences in humanitarian and environmental aid organizations in the world. Together with the volunteer, the company plans and assists for an experience that combines satisfaction, personal transformation and a positive impact on the local community while contributing towards an important global issue.
Since several years Ngerengere River Eco Camp has worked successully with Brazilian volunteers from Volunteer Vacations. The company supported our organization with highly valuable donations. In 2018 our partnership led to a great exchange between Tanzanian and Brazilian teachers at Ngerengere River Eco Camp.


Ngerengere River Eco Camp is a registered host at Hippohelp. This is an online exchange platform which supports hosts/ organizations and travelers/ volunteers to find each other. We are one of two hosts in Morogoro region.

Happy Bricks Foundation

The main funds for building our Happy Bricks Primary School in Lukwambe were raised by Happy Bricks Foundation in the UK. This is a non-profit charity, whose three founders Harry, Holly and Frank visited the Lukwambe area regulary and a deep friendship and cooperation developed between this family and Ngerengere River Eco Camp. Without their tireless support the project Happy Bricks School would not have been possible.

Read International

Read international is a student-led NGO which donates textbooks and support libraries in Tanzania and Uganda in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of each country.


Ngerengere River Eco Camp cooperates with SeedScience, an Italian non-profit project. In this project, professional science educators offer a training for other science teachers in diffrent countries. We are the only partner in Tanzania, so this project, by now, took only space at
our Eco Camp.


Helpx connects volunteers with host organizations. The volunteers get accomodation and meals at the same place. Ngerengere River Eco Camp is one of 16 Tanzanian hosts on Helpx.