Our philosophy

Ngerengere River Eco Camp is a Tanzanian non-governmental organization located in the village Lukwambe in Tanzania. Our aim is to improve the living conditions for the community, with the community.

We focus on education, health, alternative means of income and environmental sustainability. Our biggest goal is the Happy Bricks Primary School which we opened in 2015 and where we continue with different projects until today. Details about our social activities can be found here.



Ecotourists can gain unique experiences when staying at our Eco Camp. However, we are not a travel agency promising tribal dances or luxury accomondations. We believe in more sustainable tourism:

  • We believe that travelers should try to keep pollution as low as possible, for example by using local transport and local accomodation.
  • We believe that our community in Lukwambe should also benefit from the interaction with ecotourists.
  • We can organize trips to the awesome and peaceful nature in surrounding National Parks; however, we also want to invite our guests to get to know Tanzanian history, one of the 120 languages in our country, Tanzanian cooking and food, schooling in our village, challenges in the communities etc. In short, we encourage our visitors to interact with local people in order to really experience Tanzanian lifestyles.
  • According to concepts of sustainable tourism, traveling opportunities should always be considered a privilege.
  • We experience dramatic impact of global climat change in our region. We encourage our guests to take responsibility for reducing environmental pollution. For example several non-profit organizations offer to calculate your flight´s CO² footprint and you can offset the costs in renewable energy projects.

Please check here for more information on our ecotourism opportunities.



Our Eco Camp is also a place for networking and partnering with volunteers from all over the world. Volunteers are welcomed so that we can work together for better living conditions in Lukwambe. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities, depending on skills, interest and current need. We are open for new ideas and creative collaboration. Our organization believes that bringing together various skills and perspectives helps both parties to grow. Nonetheless, we experience that volunteers are above all else learners who are searching for new experiences and new horizons. All information about volunteering opportunities can be read here.



Our projects are financed through donations and earnings from our ecotourism and other activities. We do not receive financial support from governments nor international organizations. On the one hand, irregular funds are challenging our social activities. One the other hand, it helps us keeping our full independence. We tailor our projects to the needs of the community but not according to criteria from governments or organizations without expertise in this region.