You are welcome to our Ngerengere River Eco Camp or as we say in Swahili KARIBU SANA!

Ngerengere River Eco Camp is a Tanzanian social enterprise and organization operating independently in the village Lukwambe near Morogoro in Tanzania. Our projects are mainly distributed in three inter-related areas:

  • environmental and social sustainability
  • alternative sources of income
  • education

Our Eco Camp is the center for organizing our projects but also a home for volunteers and ecotourists from all over the world. We offer volunteers the chance to learn from new social experiences and to be part of our projects.
Eco-tourists get great opportunities to travel in Tanzania with our more sustainable and also cultural tourism programs. We receive singles, couples and families and also groups (especially youth groups) up to 45 persons.

Our Eco Camp is a very unique place located directly at Ngerengere River and surrounded by nature!

About Us